March 16, 2015

Fender Super Champ by Paul Rivera

I don't know anything about amp guru Paul Rivera or his current offerings.

However, I do know he worked for Fender in the early to mid 80's.
While there, he designed one of the finest recording amps ever: The Super Champ

  In production from 1982-1985, this amp is a BEAST in a small package.

- 1 x 10" 8ohm speaker
- 18 watts
- A compact 16 7/8″ x 13 7/8″ x 8 3/8″

- This amp is versatile and LOUD if you need it to be.
- It takes pedals very well.
- It doesn't take up a lot of space and won't throw your back out when transporting it.

I made a few changes...

 - Switched out the stock Fender speaker to an Eminence
which tightened up the low end. I can't stress how much bottom end is
hidden in this small wonder.

 - Installed a pair of NOS RCA 6v6 power tubes.

 - I also replaced the stock 6C10 tube with a NOS GE.
It's now dead quiet, sounds amazing and I use it for just about
every session; it never lets me down!

It boasts some of the finest clean headroom an amp can have.
This must be partially due to the beefed up 18 watt output stage.

It also has a nice "thrust" (quick reaction time) that balances well
with the tube input and output sections.
I'm thinking this may have to do with the faster reacting solid state rectifier.

What about the distortion channel? It's cool and reminds me of classic Joe Walsh.

However, because the clean side is friendly to crunch pedals,
I rarely use channel B.

Pat yourself on the back Mr. Rivera, these totally DROP-KICK ASS!
I like this amp so much, I just bought a second one.